Section O : Other community, Social and Personal service activities
Division 92 : Recreational, Cultural and Sporting activities
Group Class Sub - Class Description
921     Motion picture, radio, television and other entertainment activities
  9211   Motion picture and video production and distribution [including documentaries and animated films or cartoons (Also includes distribution of motion pictures and video tapes to other industries) ]
    92111 Motion picture production
    92112 Motion picture distribution and activities allied to film distribution [excluding film duplicating which is included in group 223]
    92113 Video production and distribution
    92114 Auxiliary activities of motion picture and video production , on a fee or contract basis, such as film editing, cutting and dubbing etc
    92115 Sound recording studios
  9212 92120 Motion picture projection
  9213   Radio and television activities [Includes production of radio and television programmes, whether live or on tape and whether or not combined with broadcasting.]
    92131 Radio activities
    92132 Television activities
  9214   Dramatic arts, music and other arts activities [Includes the production, for the general public, of live theatrical presentations, concerts or dance programmes; light and sound shows; magician’s shows and art and craft exhibitions etc. Also included are the related activities such as operation of light and sound equipment, ticket agencies, concert and theatre halls and the design of scenery and lighting. Also includes activities of sculptures, authors etc.]
    92141 Stage production and related activities
    92142 Activities of the individual artists excluding authors such as sculptors, painters, singers, dancers etc
    92143 Literary activities
    92149 Dramatic arts, music and other art activities n.e.c
  9219   Other entertainment activities n.e.c. [Includes activities of ball rooms, video parlours, discotheques, amusement parks and similar attractions; circus; puppet shows and production of other kinds of entertainment not elsewhere classified.]
    92191 Operation of circuses and race tracks
    92199 Video parlours , amusement centres, and other entertainment activities n.e.c.
922 9220 92200 News agency activities
923     Library, archives, museums and other cultural activities
  9231   Library and archives activities
    92311 Libraries and information centres and archives
    92312 Audio/video cassette and CD Rom libraries
  9232   Museums’ activities and preservation of historical sites and buildings
    92321 Museum activities [includes the operation of museums of all kinds such as art museums, museums of jewellery, furniture, costumes, ceramic, silverware etc., natural history and science museums, technological museums, historical museums, military museums and historic houses and all kinds of other specialised museums]
    92322 Preservation of historical sites and buildings
  9233 92330 Botanical and zoological gardens and nature reserves activities
924     Sporting and other recreational activities
  9241   Sporting activities
    92411 Operation and maintenance of sports facilities such as stadia, gymnasia, sports clubs and fitness centres
    92412 Activities of sports and game schools, including specialised sports training centres
    92413 Activities relating to organisation and operation of indoor / outdoor sports and promotion and production of sporting events
    92419 Other sporting activities n.e.c.
  9249 92490 Other recreational activities [Includes fairs and shows of a recreational nature; management and operation of lotteries (bulk and retail sale of lottery tickets are included under wholesale and retail sale respectively) ; gambling and betting activities; activities of casinos; booking agency activities in connection with theatrical productions or other entertainment attractions, recreational fishing and other recreational activities n.e.c.]
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